Creativity in the workplace

Discover the importance of creativity and innovation in business.


How is creativity and innovation nurtured in your working life?

Creativity is increasingly seen as a key attribute of innovation and progressive thinking, which are valuable commodities in many workplaces. Teaching artistry, workshops and artist-in-residence programs offer staff the chance to take place in the creative process, which increases engagement and provides the opportunity to foster ingenuity, build teamwork and develop an ability to think outside the square.

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Creativity in the workplace:
the new direction for successful organisations

Artists are increasingly being embedded into organisations to share their creative talents. This gives the artist the freedom, time, space and compensation to either directly create their art within the organisation or strategically align their creativity with the company’s objectives.

In 2015 innovation behemoths such as Facebook created residencies for artists within their organisation. Since then, companies like Adobe, Google and Uber followed suit, excited about the creative ways they could attract and retain excellent staff, improve productivity and morale and push the boundaries of innovation.

“Without art, there is no empathy”

Darren Walker, Ford Foundation

An Australian creative with practical experience

I have combined a career as a creative artist whilst leading the strategic direction of some of Australia’s most successful cultural organisations. Through this work I have seen how the artistic process informs unique ways of cultivating creative perspective, relationship building, and problem solving.

Introducing staff to artistic processes has the potential to enliven the creative culture of the workplace. This can be achieved through participatory team-building workshops, creative approaches to strategic planning, innovative executive coaching, and the commissioning of new work that resonates with the values of the organisation.

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