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How can creative thinking impact your school, workplace, or community?

Creativity, in my opinion, is one of our most precious commodities. I have had the privilege of leading large-scale national programs and some of the world’s most impactful music education programs. I have seen first-hand how creativity can uniquely develop innovative thought and self-discovery, having worked in places as diverse as Egyptian Schools, Scottish prisons and Australian businesses and arts organisations.

To be curious, problem solve, think outside the box, develop emotional literacy, learn how to learn, and live joyously are among the many qualities that an experienced arts education consultant, creative mentor and teaching artist can develop through sparking creative thought, whilst engaging in the wonderful world of music and the arts.

How mentoring can help develop creative voices

Being able to create personal connections to the arts and creativity with individuals of all backgrounds is one of the most rewarding, and (I believe) valuable, contributions an arts educator can make.

I help organisations and artists in all stages of their career find their own unique way of establishing meaningful connections with audiences. This includes helping to articulate their artistic vision, assisting with communication techniques, developing educational content and presentations, and workshopping innovative methods of audience engagement.

I am an experienced and well regarded Australian Teaching Artist. Reach out to discuss the next steps in your artistic and pedagogical journey.

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“I have been impressed with Michael’s ability to enthuse stakeholders, coordinate complex performances and nurture innovative musical practice… Michael understands that successful projects need to be sustainable.”

Wayne Chandler

former Director of Schools, ACT Department of Education and Training

“I have never been musical and have no confidence in teaching music but after today’s professional learning I feel a little more confident. I will start with the simple activities to teach students about beat”

Classroom Teacher

Punchbowl Public School, NSW

“We are grateful for Michael’s deep commitment to seeking clear, concise and effective ways of enhancing the children’s understanding and engagement with the music”

Llew Kiek

Mara! Band

An Australian teaching artist and arts educator with global experience

Teaching artistry is the place where art, learning and creativity intertwine. The artistic process has myriad unseen benefits and once harnessed, can transform organisations, classrooms and communities.

A teaching artist is a high calibre, practicing artist who translates elements of their creative process to other contexts through workshops, consultation and mentoring. This could be any sector from education, community development and professional organisations through to corrections, health care and aged care.

It is a privilege to help people find their own personal connection to creativity by asking questions, sharing insights, and conducting workshops based on my perspective as a creative artist and an arts educator.

This has included:

  • Artistic Director, Education for Musica Viva Australia, overseeing programs that spark the creativity of over 280,000 students annually.
  • Long-time director of the Young Music Society, one of Australia’s most successful non-government funded organisations.
  • Weekly engagements with early primary school teaching since 2006.
  • Mentoring musicians across Australia to deliver programs that engage new audiences.
  • Lecturing composition at the Australian National University.
  • Delivering creative workshops for diverse organisations and businesses such as Belconnen Arts Centre, Relationships Australia and Rugby League clubs.
  • Facilitating international community cultural development projects, from Scottish prisons to Egyptian schools to workshops in Papua New Guinea.
  • Partnering with urban, rural and remote Australian schools and communities

Discover the creative potential of your school, community, or workplace

Creativity is fundamentally important to problem solving, establishing identity, fostering our ability to engage with the world, developing emotional and social skills and celebrating the vibrancy of diverse artistic expression. Below you can find out information about how I work with schools and communities.

For more information about ways I can work with businesses and enable creativity in the workplace, click here.

In Schools

I work closely with students and teachers to contextualise music and art in a way that empowers people from diverse backgrounds to make their own personal connections to learning, creativity and imagination.

I am particularly proud to oversee Australia’s largest music education program as Artistic Director Education for Musica Viva Australia.  Musica Viva have a wonderful program for schools, and can be contacted here.

Photo: Musica Viva Australia

In Communities

With communities and community organisations, I help to achieve artistic and social outcomes. This process of community cultural development often engages individuals who feel marginalised, and who can experience difficulty expressing themselves through traditional means. Tools from teaching artistry provide opportunities to explore and communicate issues that are meaningful to people in a new and non-threatening environment.

Let’s talk about how unlocking creativity could impact your school, community, or organisation

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