school pride – a song for Harrison

Jun 23 2012

“In our place and space years ago, a windmill slowly creaked
A boy sat in the Canberra breeze and drifted off to sleep
He dreamed of what was yet to come, of how his place would change
The promise of exciting news, strength in things that still remain”

Over the past couple of weeks I have spent some time at Harrison School for Musica Viva In Schools as composer-in-residence, helping a group of 30 Years 5-8 students compose their own song for their fledgling school in the north of Canberra situated on farmland in Canberra’s pre-history.

The end result was something quite special – it’s always amazing to see what students can create when given the right resources and circumstances! We recorded a ‘first version’ of the song yesterday, which will then be taught to the rest of the school over the next few weeks – I thought it might be worthwhile to share what they came up with – hopefully we’ll have a full school version hundreds strong in the next few weeks!

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