The Milk Carton Confessions

A revealing musical exploration of culture, consumerism and recycling

The Milk Carton Confessions

The Milk Carton Confessions is a live performance featuring music, movement and film by percussionist Thea Rossen and composer Michael Sollis.

Explore our disposable culture, motives for recycling and how we live in a world where we consume more than we need.


Percussionist Thea Rossen has emerged as one of Australia’s most innovative percussionists, using music to prompt critical and creative thought about climate change.

Composer Michael Sollis regularly collaborates with science and research, with works such as Sex and Dragons, exploring the sexual determination of Bearded Dragons, and his long-standing artistic relationship with Astronomer Fred-Watson.

This dynamic collaboration integrates live musical performance, audience interaction and film with unique perspectives about recycling from a diverse group of Australians.

Thea makes music out of cartons, trash cans, bottles, balloons, newspaper suits, and even worms(!) as she explores the sounds of the ocean, consumption, guilt and confession, and the cyclic nature of the world.

Is recycling a modern-day ritual?  What happens after we put something in the recycling bin?  Thea and Michael explore these questions and more in The Milk Carton Confessions.

The Milk Carton Confessions was premiered at the 2019 Extended Play Festival at City Recital Hall, Sydney.  It was created with the generous support of CAPO (Capital Arts Patron Organisation), with additional support from the ACT Government.

Performance opportunities

The Milk Carton Confessions is a flexible touring performance, exploring themes of the environment and sustainability for festivals, presenters and arts organisations.
The Milk Carton Confessions is a one hour performance, with optional community and school workshops.  It is appropriate for all ages and curious minds. If you would like to discuss performance opportunities for The Milk Carton Confessions, please contact Claire Henry below.

Creative Team

Thea Rossen – Percussion
Michael Sollis – Composer
Thea Rossen

Thea Rossen

Thea is celebrated for her solo recitals and has attracted worldwide attention for her Music for our Changing Climate, a powerful performance exploring issues surrounding climate change and developed throughout her residency at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Canada.

Since graduating from the Australian National Academy of Music, Thea has established a career as an innovative percussionist in Australia and North America, and has presented works at the Perth and Melbourne International Arts Festivals.

Michael Sollis

Michael Sollis

Michael is among the most sought-out creative voices in Australia, producing new work through diverse collaborations across the globe – whether it be with visual artists, dancers, astronomers, geneticists, farmers, or Rugby League clubs. He is founder and director of the acclaimed Griffyn Ensemble, and the very first Artistic Director, Education for Musica Viva Australia.

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