Production Partner Position

Michael Sollis is a musician, composer and artistic director who works with communities, audiences and artists from many art forms.  Michael is also Artistic Director of The Griffyn Ensemble, and Artistic Director, Education, of Musica Viva Australia.

Michael is looking to employ a Production Partner to work with him in the delivery of his artistic vision.  This vision is clear, and the Production Partner would be expected to collaborate via a range of methodologies, including delivering artistic product, sourcing new opportunities for creative output, and the management of his brand.  In particular Michael is looking for a partner who shares his passion for generating curiosity in the world around us through music, who is energised to promote this nationally and internationally, including through established and innovative online media.

Michael’s work is highly exploratory and defined by his interest in creating experiences that prompt curiosity in and discovery of the world around us.  Examples of his work include Northern Lights, composed in residence in the Arctic with noted Australian Astronomer Fred Watson; The Dirty Red Digger, a work which compares the stories of young men and women involved in Rugby League during WW1 with young men and women today through archival film, interviews, and music;  and One Sky, Many Stories, a project focussed on collecting and creating stories and songs which contrast Indigenous and western conceptions of the sky.  Michael regularly works in artistic residencies to create relationships with both people and places that then become integral to how his work is projected.

A Showreel of some of Michael’s artistic work can be found at, and below:

Characteristics Required

This is not an artistic role, however the Production Partner needs to possess a wide range of qualities such as those borne both of artistic training, as well as life experience.  Some examples of these skills and characteristics are:

  • Curious, with a desire to push the boundaries of artistic practice
  • Passionate about supporting artists in the delivery of their work, with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Good judgement and the ability to articulate a clear opinion on artistic or business matters
  • Collaborative and assertive, with a positive mindset towards reaching shared goals
  • Knowledge of digital content production or an ability to acquire this knowledge quickly and easily
  • Experience in marketing and promotion
  • Networks in the arts sector
  • Proven skills in project management

Duty Statement

Sourcing New Opportunities for Artistic Output
–  To work creatively to develop opportunities that are in line with Michael’s artistic vision, particularly in regards to digital output
–  Promotion of work to artists, festivals, presenters, and potential collaborators
–  To assist with the writing and acquittal of funding applications and sourcing of presenting opportunities

Delivery of Artistic Presentation
–  To creatively lead the management of projects (live performances, recordings, residencies, creative developments, and digital output) from concept stage through to completion. This includes organising logistics, budget, and documentation; and negotiating with stakeholders.

Brand Management
–  To work with Michael to develop a clearly articulated brand to encompass this artistic activity
–  To oversee management of a website and social media, including development of a marketing plan with Michael
–  To oversee marketing of events and activities, including the production of promotional material and attracting media coverage where appropriate

This would be a part-time/casual position, to be negotiated with the potential partner and with an eye to the number and types of Michael’s projects they would be engaged with.  An estimate of time commitment could be between 6 and 16 hours a week on a salary commensurate with experience.  The Producer does not need to be based in geographic proximity to Michael (who is based in Canberra) but a general willingness to travel to further project objectives would be helpful.  Testimonials regarding his working style and ability to work constructively with others can be provided.

To Apply

To apply for this position, please send a CV and letter addressing the ‘Characteristics Required’ to  All applications will be considered by Michael and a team of peers.  Applications close Friday September 28 (will accept applications until 9am Tuesday October 2)

For further information, email, or phone 0411 113 769.