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Transform perspectives, influence the arts and create lasting change

What is the future value of the arts, education and creativity?

I have seen how a deeper understanding of creativity has profoundly impacted educators, artists, peak bodies, government, businesses, and community organisations. My presentations explore how successful arts ecosystems can be fostered and how to nurture a rich creative culture that is accessible to all. Dialogue and debate about the unique ability of the arts to develop creativity is encouraged. I have presented across Australia, Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

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“Your passion and enthusiasm in promoting music among children and youth in Australia has been inspirational”

Katy Gallagher

current Senator, Australian Parliament

“A strong advocate for contemporary music at all levels of performance”

Flute Talk

The magazine for serious flutists

“The workshop was brilliantly organised by AYMC Chair, Michael Sollis”

Music Forum

Music Australia

On creativity:
speaking in an international context

My practice as an artistic director, musician and teaching artist has given me a unique perspective to question what is normally thought about creativity and the arts. I am known for my inspiring and energetic presentation style that creates a sense of intimacy and self-reflection among listeners. As a speaker I share my own experience of how advocacy has caused positive change and lasting impacts, along with examples of best-practice and latest research. Those who experience my presentations enjoy a safe space to discover new ideas, question their own assumptions, and become inspired to cause creative change.

I have conducted presentations at conferences, forums and workshops with partners including:

International Music Council
Australian National University
Musica Viva Australia
Asia-Pacific Society of Ethnomusicology
ABC Radio
European Music Council
Music Australia
Schools and arts organisations

Topics have included:

Creativity and education

Why is creativity uniquely important in education
How can the arts activate the creative potential inside everyone?
How can all educators confidently enable creativity, regardless of their prior engagement with the arts?

Artistic ecosystems, arts development, and mentoring

How do we build capacity and have effective pathways for emerging artists to become professional artists?
What does it take for an emerging artist to build a portfolio career and make a living in the arts?
How can artists generate successful projects?

Arts and creativity in a holistic world

How can we harness the unique social and individual benefits of creativity?
What are effective strategies to translate the value of artistic understanding and participation?
How can the arts ensure adequate diversified funding for creativity and inspiration?
What barriers limit access to creative participation, and how can we break through them?

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