See highlights of works written and directed by Michael below.

Highlights from Michael Sollis’ Northern Lights. Recorded at the world premiere performance, at the National Gallery of Australia, performed by The Griffyn Ensemble, 2015. In conjunction with the James Turrell: A Retrospective exhibition.

The Dirty Red Digger

Promotion clip for The Dirty Red Digger, by Michael Sollis, performed by The Griffyn Ensemble 2015.  Conscription, Class War, and Rugby League – comparing young men today to young men during World War One.

Water Into Swine

The Pearls Before Swïne Experience perform Michael Sollis’ ‘Water Into Swïine’ as part of the 2013 Water Into

Ballad of a Highlands Man

The Griffyn Ensemble perform Michael Sollis’ Ballad of a Highlands Man in their Island Universes? concert at the National Gallery of Australia, 2008. The concert explored Melanesian influences in Western Art music. This piece is inspired by the relationship between music and language in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea.